Iranian Gilsonite 

welcome to iranian gilsonite group website

The Iranian Gilsonite Group is a division of Shahid, Soorin Leema Corp, dedicated exclusively as suppliers and exporters of the best quality and best value Iran Natural Bitumen, commonly referred to as "Iran Gilsonite", all our products are backed by SGS Inspection Certificates.

From 25% to 5% ash, Powder (200 Mesh) .... our prices start from $220.00 / MT FOB. Our monthly contracts start at 50 MT per month with no ceiling. For "Spot" Purchase, please send an email for pricing. 

The Best Asian Gilsonite is Iran Gilsonite and to offer the best quality, best value with an ample selection of products, the Iranian Gilsonite Group have made agreements with small to small-medium size mine owners, those who either have no Internet know-how to reach buyers like you, or simply do not have enough the liquidity to deliver the final.

Not only the composition of Iran Gilsonite varies due to the geographical location of its Gilsonite mines, from one mine to another, but also within the same mine the composition may vary from one point to another. 

So depending on your required ash, moisture, .... mesh, Iranian Gilsonite Group technicians travel to the appropriate mine and remain there from excavation to packaging, to monitor and control all phases and, most importantly, ensure random sampling together with representatives of SGS at the time of packaging.  

The Iranian Gilsonite Group provides you the most unique and genuine opportunity to acquire the best quality, the best value Gilsonite throughout the Asia, all backed by SGS certificate.